Mastiff Mix

Meet Charlie

Charlie was actually dropped off in our neighborhood to fend for himself. He walked right into the house and Scott and I fell in love. He is a beautiful mastiff mix with a personality that can't be beat! He brings so much joy, fun, and laughter to our lives that we can't imagine not having him around.

Facts About Me
  • Age Around 1 year
  • Nicknames Charles Xavier, Charlies, Charlie Brown...
  • Dislikes HATES Jolly Ball, anything loud, getting in trouble, any veggies, and when I dont wake up at 5am to play.
  • Foods Science Diet, Cheetos, Peanut butter, Bacon, and anything that is not a veggie or healthy.
  • Pastimes Chewing up the TV remote. (We are on number 3 now...)
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  • So cute!
  • How adorable!
  • Love!
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