Meet Charlie

Charlie is my black Pomeranian! He is sweet, adorable, funny, friendly, and easy to love! Charlie is a rescue Dog, he was matted and full of leas when we got him, But now he is a happy and heaklthy little guy who loves going to places and meeting new people! Charlie loves to wear bow ties, sashes, and hanging out on my bed, he also loves walkies and treats! He also does Agility!

Facts About Me
  • Age 4 years old
  • Nicknames Chewy, Chwery, Little C, CC, Charles, Zeus, Baby C, Baby, Boo, King, Chucky (Agility nick name), Little Boo, Little Sneezer, Most adorable, Chew, Licker, and Baby C.
  • Dislikes Getting picked up, large Dogs in his house, my friend, treats that are too big and too hard, getting hurt, getting in trouble.
  • Foods Dog treats (Soft and small), Dog chew bones, people food, and raw chicken necks.
  • Pastimes Sleepng and licking things.
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  • So cute!
  • How adorable!
  • Love!
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