Rat Terrier

Meet Carson

Carson was rescued at 9 months old. He came to me with alot of issues, such as fear-based aggression and many people thought I would fail him and just have to have him put down. Now, at 3 years old, I can't imagine life without him. Carson goes everywhere with me. He helps to pull me up the stairs because of my bad back. He knows a ton of tricks, most of which he taught himself. He picks things up for me on occassion. Not to mention he is now my agility partner! Carson has helped to rehabilitate me as much as I've helped him. In dealing with his issues and coming so far he has helped me through my depression and some very hard times. I really would not know what to do without my little bundle of joy.

Facts About Me
  • Age 3 years
  • Nicknames Pup-pup, Moo-shoo-Carson, Baby Puppy, Derp Dog, Spazz
  • Dislikes The cats, some strangers, thunder, strange dogs, anger, baths
  • Foods Broccoli, apples, peanut butter, Pup-peroni, Bill Jack, chicken, blueberry sundaes, popcorn, cheese poofs
  • Pastimes Agility, hiking, walking, car rides, going to the beach, pulling mommy on rollerblades, doing tricks
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