American Bulldog

Meet Bullet

Bullet is a 5 year old American Bulldog who we took in as a puppy born with severe hip dysplasia and couln't walk as a pup. She has had surgery and still never lets the pain dull her sparkle! Bullet just adores every person and animal she meets! She has helped raise foster puppies, foster kittens, comforted our rescued rats and helped train many of our 200 fosters over the years. She is 100% devoted to her family and lives to make us happy! And that, she does VERY well! She is our angel baby!!

Facts About Me
  • Age 5
  • Nicknames Bullet, Bully, Bull, Baby Girl, Sweetie, Cutie Pie, Angel Baby
  • Dislikes Being away from her best friend Diesel and her family
  • Pastimes Helping to raise foster puppies and kittens, playing with the neighborhood dogs and children
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