poodle boston terrier mix

Meet Bouncer

We rescued Bouncer before his eyes opened.His mother was hit by a car and killed. bottle fed for a few weeks til he learned to lap his formula like water. he was just a few inches long. He soon stole our hearts but we struggled with a name that fit. but he was trying to bounce before he could walk without falling So he pretty much named himself he has his favorite spots, at my heels in my bed or on my lap and the world turns because he is in it if someone visits my home they have come to see Bouncer He loves everyone and everyone loves him he is the best most dependable door bell ever He loves to go bye bye but does not get to do so often because he wants to drive Loves to go across the street to visit Mamaw knows our other 3 large black labs by name and he is 11 pounds they play together as if they were all the same size and has to be the strongest dog in the world considering his size he is now 9 years old and still act like a puppy he is also the fastest dog in the world he takes bouncer fits and runs all over the house from room to room non stop for about 5 minutes once every 4-5 days he spins in circels and makes himself dizzy and he loves his family more than any one elseand he likes to sit on MOMMA'S LAP AND HIDE HIS FACE IN THE CROOK OF HER ARM I am momma he falls asleep sitting up waiting for me to get in bedwe are a dog family but bouncer has been the best companion we have ever had

Facts About Me
  • Age 56
  • Nicknames none
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