German Shepherd Dog

Meet Blondi

This is Blondi. I adopted her eleven years ago from the Clark County animal shelter. I remember walking by the kennels and this beautiful Shepherd jumped up and put her paws on the bars. I knew right then that I had to adopt her. Unfortunately, I was only 15 at the time and lived with my mother who definitely didn't want me to have another dog. Being the disobedient and enterprising teen I was, I decided to do it anyway. There was NO way I was going to leave her. So I took her home. On a bus. And kept her for eleven days in the house without telling my mom. On the twelve day she found Blondi and after telling her how long she'd been here without her even realizing it, she decided reasonably that Blondi couldn't be that much trouble after all! Eleven years later Blondi is still active and healthy and even though I feel bad about lying to my mom, we're both glad I did. Also in the photo is Baby, my pet camel.

Facts About Me
  • Age 12
  • Nicknames Itsablondi!
  • Dislikes Not being with me
  • Foods Are you kidding? Anything.
  • Pastimes Being with me!
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