Meet Blitz

Blitz, a vibrant Chihuahua, entered our lives when my dad, Charlie Quiros, adopted him at the age of two. I'm doing this as a surprise for my dad, who would probably start crying tears of joy if his beloved fur baby won one of these contests.🥹 He's an integral part of our family, with his playful antics and unwavering loyalty endearing him to everyone he meets. As he matures at nine years old, Blitz continues to share the love and companionship that make him an irreplaceable member of our home

Facts About Me
  • Age 9
  • Nicknames Blitzy, Blitzster, and Blitzaroo
  • Dislikes Loud noises, strangers, and being alone.
  • Foods Chicken, Peanut butter, and Cheese.
  • Pastimes Fetching, sunbathing, and playing with toys.
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