Bella Mae


Meet Bella Mae

Bella is NOT a puppy. She was rescued by my sister and her team from an animal hoarder in Ohio. We arn't for sure how old she is, but she has some grey hair on her head and on her chin. We are guessing about 4. She is a long haired Chihuahua who barely weighed a pound when we rescued her. She has had some puppies in the past. She had both legs broken and left to heal on their own, so she has a funny lil walk. Her knees pop out of joint and she can't do much long distance running but she sure tries to. She could have surgery to fix that, but we don't want to risk her losing what she has. She had never been to the groomer and never had her nails trimmed so the vet has to do that. She loves to get a warm bath and doesn't make a fuss. The minute my son saw her, he begged me to let him save her. So we have. Over Christmas she became a permanent member of our family. She is such a good dog and loves our family so much. She will only sleep in my sons room and when we arn't home, she sleeps on his coat on the bottom shelf of the bookcase. (she picked the spot and she likes it there) And wow, don't mess with "her boy" cuz she is pretty protective. She loves to be snuggled and have her belly rubbed and especially loves when daddy ( a Chef) cooks her breakfast. We certainly fell in love with our Bella.

Facts About Me
  • Age 4
  • Nicknames Princess Bella Mae Bear Duchess of Sassy Pants, Bells, Bellakins, Miss Bell, Pretty Princess
  • Dislikes marshmallows
  • Foods everything daddy cooks
  • Pastimes Belly Rubs
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