Bella Blue - Lux Dixon

Boston Terriers

Meet Bella Blue - Lux Dixon

Bella Blue (4) & Lux Dixon(3) are Colored Boston Terriers from South Carolina. They are the little heart beats at my feet!! I enjoy them every Second of everyday!! They go to work with me & vacations. I cannot imagine life without them!! :)

Facts About Me
  • Age 3 and 4
  • Nicknames Bella Boop, Luxie Poo, bubbies, Boop boops, shmoopies
  • Dislikes Bella - Dogs on TV and Lux - scary noises (hides under bed)
  • Foods Tiny bone treats.... pumpkin, peanut butter & cranberry
  • Pastimes Running and chasing each other with squeaky toys, begging for snacks & cuddling
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