Bernese Mountain Dog

Meet Bandit

Bandit came to live with us on our farm, in the middle of the night. He was about six months old at the time and squeezed through the open panel in the fly screen. He couldn't get his head through there now. He let himself in, came upstairs and flopped down in the upstairs hallway, and sent all the other dogs nuts. My wife fell over him before I could switch on the light and said who the heck are you. He looked up with those heartbreakingly sad eyes and licked her hand as if to say I've come to stay with you and I'm hungry and thirsty. He was called Bandit as a result and three years later he'sstill here. Now he weighs in at around 90 pounds, and can be a real goo.f He is the kindest most gentle animal you will ever meet

Facts About Me
  • Age 3
  • Nicknames bozo, bangit, bones,pow pow
  • Dislikes being left alone, tied up, Petra petting other dogs
  • Foods bolgna and head cheese sandwiches, veal, mac and cheese
  • Pastimes swimming
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