Bagira, Rocky

bull terrier

Meet Bagira, Rocky

Bagira (on the right) is a rescue dog, she even lived on the streets for a while. She is 5 years old. Rocky (on the left) is a male and he is 4. The owner of Rocky found me and Bagira online and we met for a dogs play date. He bought his dog from the breeder and soon we discovered that they are brother and sister from different litters. The first time Bagira and Rocky met, we did not introduce them properly and they started a fight but now they love each other to death. Bagira is very loving, smart and playful. She loves toys! She is very friendly but quite cautious with strangers, especially males. Sadly she was abused by men in the past. She is a dominant dog, so she only gets along with submissive dogs. Nevertheless, when she trusts you she is the friendliest dog in the whole world. Rocky is very laid back, he sleeps most of the time. He loves to cuddle with his owner. He is very sweet and he loves cats! He gets more energetic when Bagira visits.

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