Augustus (Gus)


Meet Augustus (Gus)

Gus has a tremendous personality! It is often said by my friends that he has more personality than most humans, and more intelligence than that of an eight year old child. He can literally learn a new "trick" in less than a minute. Adorable as he is, he is equally as stubborn. Always the life of the party, people come over oftentimes for the sole purpose of seeing and spending time with Gus. He truly is a funny little guy with an insurmountable amount of love to share! He lives for attention.

Facts About Me
  • Age 2 years
  • Nicknames Gussie, Gussa, Puggles, Gus the Pug, Kid
  • Dislikes Being scolded, having another dog enter his yard without invitation, people coming in his house without acknowledging him first
  • Foods Marshmallows, his "supper", Gus isn't allowed "people food" outside of marshmallows and his diet is kept to the same food at all times
  • Pastimes Riding in the car, playing tug, doing the Pug scuttle, watching his Aunt Meggie cook and sing to him, watching movies, playing with his guests, showing off his tricks
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