Border Collie mix

Meet Anubis

Anubis was adopted from a shelter at the tender age of 5 to 6 weeks old. The person said all they wanted was the mother not her puppies. Well Anubis is a hit at the dog park we go he gets along with all breeds of dogs, no preference as long as their fun. He is also a Therapy Dog at a Seniors Home, he is very patient, loves being around the seniors, loves to be petted by them or just sleep in the room for half an hour or so. His most favorite thing to do is sit outside and wait for anyone walking by to come and pet him, he is kind, gentle, patient, and has the best temperament that anyone has ever seen in a dog that was rescued. He teaches other dogs by being calm and waiting for them to come to him, he never pushes his way in and waits politely for his turn if there are treats to be had. He is also called Nanny because he is very gentle and patient with very young puppies and will entertain them while the owners keep watch. They are always amazed at how gentle he is with the puppies, especially since big dogs are not known for their patience. Anubis lets these puppies, bite his ears, nose, lips, eyes and even once in awhile his tail. His most favorite companion is his 6 month old "brother" named Loki who is a Japanese Chin.

Facts About Me
  • Age 2 1/2 years old
  • Nicknames Newbliss, Nubis
  • Dislikes Loud voices
  • Foods kibbles and bits
  • Pastimes Rolling in the snow, playing with dog friends
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