Boarder Collie/Husky/Golden Retriever

Meet Aleah

Leah Bear earned this nickname because she is so fluffy and cuddly. She is VERY relational and loves attention. She will paw at you to draw your hand to her if you're not paying enough attention. She'll sniff and lick everything because she's super curious! She trains so well and she's quite brilliant and agile! She walks along the back railing of our porch and lounges on the table as if it's her own personal throne. Leah has dichromatic eyes (blue and brown) and she has the fluffiest tail ever!

Facts About Me
  • Age 3
  • Nicknames Leah, Leah Bear, Aleah Buckets
  • Dislikes baths, her gentle leading collar, being held still while she sleeps
  • Foods Science Diet
  • Pastimes sniffing and exploring, lounging on the back porch table, wrestling with the other pups, being loved on (not optional, she always gets your attention), having her butt scratched
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