♥Maez & Bandit♥

Golden Doodle & Havanese

Meet ♥Maez & Bandit♥

Maezers and Bandit are playful little brothers. They just experienced snow today the 1st of December. They both ate it up! Their friendship is unbelievable the picture above↑ shows them playing/fighting around the kitchen. I swear if you had a speedometer they would be going at least 15-25 mph. Again Maezers and Bandit are two playful little brothers!

Facts About Me
  • Age unknown
  • Nicknames Maezie, Bandey, Maez, and Puupy (POO-PEE)
  • Dislikes vacuums, any cleaning appliance(mops, brooms, steamers, etc.)
  • Foods ice cubes, MEAT, and food (that was snatched)
  • Pastimes Playing with people and other pets
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