The Puli

The Puli


The dreadlocked Puli’s most notable feature is its mop-like coat, which naturally clumps into woolly cords, affording protection from harsh weather, providing waterproofing, and preventing shedding. The cords grow long enough to reach the ground but are often cut shorter. An ancient breed, it was introduced into Hungary more than 1,000 years ago, brought into the country by the migration of the Magyars from Central Asia. They quickly became greatly prized as flock-herding sheepdogs, working alongside the similar but substantially larger breed, the Komondor. Active, intelligent and, according to the AKC breed description “possessing an excellent sense of humor,” this medium-sized, family-loving breed requires a lot of attention and exercise. Grooming is required to keep the cords thin and clean, and thorough drying after bath time is necessary to prevent their cords from mildewing.

Dog: Delia 

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