Zuke’s newest line of treats, Skinny Bakes, are meat-free treats with a yummy yet low-calorie crunch.

Made with simple recipes that contains high-quality, all-natural ingredients like oatmeal, carrots, potatoes, blackstrap molasses, peanut butter and pumpkin, Skinny Bakes are ideal for dogs with common allergies, pups that need to lose a little weight or dogs that want to stay at a healthy weight. Skinny Bakes are a great vegetarian, any-time treat with less than ten calories per treat that can be easily enjoyed throughout the day.

For families that have a new puppy or an older dog that needs to learn new tricks, Zuke’s Mini Naturals are a perfect gift. These miniature, semi-moist treats rack up only three calories each, making them an ideal choice for training puppies or rewarding dogs of all ages, without the worry of overfeeding. And, with a large variety of flavors including Peanut Butter, Salmon, Wild New Zealand Rabbit, Chicken, Duck and Roasted Pork, you can be assured that dogs will not get bored with their favorite treats.

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