1,000 zinc neuters & counting!

"I wouldn't have a business if I didn't have Zeuterin"  Amber Valinski, DVM

With more than 1,000 Zeuterin procedures under her belt, Texas veterinarian Amber Valinski is a passionate care provider with a mobile mandate.

Her mobile care clinic, aptly titled Wellness on Wheelz, provides the latest treatments and medications for her four-legged clients and worried pet parents. And Zeuterin plays a major role in helping her administer safe, effective treatments to  furry clientele all over south Texas.

“You have to be able to get out to the people and offer them what they need,” she says about the specialized requirements for her far-flung rural areas across the state.

Dr. Valinski relies solely on zinc neutering to sterilize the male dogs in her practice. In her mind, the procedure is an ideal solution for the mobile clinic's compact treatment space, along with the fact her patients need little to no post-op care following the procedure.

"If it wasn't for Zeuterin, I probably wouldn't be doing a mobile clinic," she says. “My clients need to get vaccines, be heart-worm tested and sterilized to stop all the puppies. In my mind, if I can’t meet those needs, what’s the point?”