Zeuterin™ Launch Delivers Innovative Non-Surgical Procedure, Product to Sterilize Male Dogs

Las Vegas, NV (Feb. 17, 2014) Ark Sciences Inc. announces today during the 86th annual Western Veterinary Conference the launch of Zeuterin™ Injectable Solution (Zinc Gluconate Neutralized by Arginine), the only FDA-approved solution to sterilize 3-to-10-month old dogs, the typical ages when dogs are recommended to be sterilized.

Having just received final FDA approval for distribution of the product, the next step is to immediately begin delivering it to the more than 400 U.S. veterinarians trained and certified by the company to use it.

The non-invasive method combines an innovative procedure with an all-natural product that is injected directly into each testicle.  Zeuterin™ was found to be safe, effective and permanent in FDA clinical trials.

“Ark Sciences is a mission-based company and we’re pleased to introduce a product that we believe will be a game-changer in addressing the dog population management issue,” says Joe Tosini, founder and CEO of Ark Sciences.

“It’s a simple, one-time procedure that takes only minutes. andis such an improvement over traditional castration that shelter operators and veterinarians are embracing it,” says Dr. Marty Becker,  “America’s Veterinarian.”

Because the simple, but precise procedure is so important, only trained and certified veterinarians will be able to purchase Zeuterin. Veterinarians can learn more at www.arksciences.com and receive their training online and in hands-on workshops that the company hosts nationwide.

As with any medical procedure, there can be adverse reactions.  The most commonly reported adverse reactions include vomiting, loss of appetite and lethargy.  For a complete listing of adverse reactions, visit www.arksciences.com and on the right-hand panel under “Products,” click on the “Zeuterin™ CMC Package Insert” link at the bottom of the page. 

About Ark Sciences
Ark Sciences Inc. manufactures Zeuterin™, the only United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved non-surgical method for sterilization of male dogs.  Zeuterin™ is a breakthrough made possible through years of research by scientists who are experts in reproductive biology.  They found simple ingredients natural in the body, specifically zinc, are able to sterilize male dogs permanently with an injection directly into the testicles.