Dogs and cats often have to wear a cone to prevent them from interfering with hotspots, wounds, skin diseases and more. Wearing this, most of them get stressed, lose their ability to move freely and experience discomfort when walking, playing, eating or drinking. Also, pet owners have to move their valuable home decoration, preventing it to be damaged.

New in the US!
Suitical developed a solution for this; The Recovery Suit and is now available in the US.
A full-body, rear-closed protective suit suitable for hotspots, skin diseases, wound/bandage management, incontinence, heat, and more.

Made of cotton to allow the infected area to breath, The Recovery Suit has already been proved itself worldwide since 2007 as the most animal friendly alternative to the cone. Now it is highly recommended and used by veterinarians, breeders and physiotherapists.

When nature calls, the dog can be easily taken for a walk without taking the suit off. You simply have to roll the suit inwards and towards the belly and secure it with a strap. The cat suits have a specially tailored space under the tail. For the majority of cats, the suits can remain fastened when using the litter tray.

Reduce stress and discomfort; this helps for quicker recovery.
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