Woodrow Wear was founded to share an indoor traction solution invented for Woodrow (a 15 year old Rottweiler with hip dysplasia and arthritis). Power Paws give dogs "The power to stand. The power to stop. And the Power to GO!"  Indoors, they are a sensible solution for dogs with hip and/or mobility issues, plus protection for injured paws, hardwood floors, and of course a cute fashion product.  Outdoors, they protect paws from allergens, snow/salt/ice, and heat.  

There are over 100,000 dogs in 49 countries are wearing Power Paws. Dogs love them because Power Paws are the opposite of shoes! Power Paws are made of cotton and elastic for comfort, fit, and adaptability. They come in 13 sizes, two distinct foot shapes, and multiple durability levels to assure a good fit for all dogs. Fun colors and holiday designs make them fun as well as useful!

With so many options, how do you pick the right one for your pet? 

1. Start with the durability… original Power Paws work well for 90-92% of dogs. Choose the Advanced line for dogs with long nails or neurological issues that are hard on the toe area. Choose the most durable Reinforced Foot product for use on abrasive surfaces like sand and pool decks, and for rugged outdoor use. 

2. Next, choose a foot shape… Many dogs have different front and back paws, so check both. If the foot pad (as a group) is about as long as it is wide, choose the Power Paws lines. If the foot pad group is long and skinny, choose Greyhound Edition.

3. Finally, choose a size. Use the weight guides, breed guides, and foot print guides to help you. If you find something unusual, call the company for some personal help. Regardless, if the fit isn't right, they trade! 

Find out more at www.woodrowwear.com.