Why drink alone? This natural dog “wine” means you can imbibe together!

Celebrations, the end of a long hard day, or just spending quality time with your dog, calls for a special treat. Colorado-based company Apollo Peak agrees, so they came up with something a little different for moments shared with your canine friend: “wine” for dogs!

Fear not, this all-natural liquid libation contains no actual alcohol. The rosy or golden hue (depending on whether you choose Zinfantail or Chardognay) comes from organic, USA-grown beets, combined with fresh, organic herbs from the Pacific Northwest to delight even the finest dog palate. 

Whether it’s the fresh breath from Peppermint or natural relaxation from Chamomile, these beverages are brewed with your dog in mind. Both the Zinfantail and Chardognay are available at apollopeak.com. Cheers!