We’ve all seen them, and unfortunately, most of us have participated in them. Those unnatural, forced, inappropriate family snap shots that capture the worst of you and your pets in a permanent documentation of your discontent. Family photos featuring you and your dogs at your most awkward seem to be all the rage nowadays, thanks to the follow up to the New York Times best seller Awkward Family Photos. This website (and soon to be published book) features some of the most horrifyingly humiliating images of pets being forced to pose in some of the strangest and most unflattering situations with their cruel human cohorts. I have included some absolutely nightmarish photos of myself with my crew, along with some I stole from friends and family. If I’m going down, I’m taking you all down with me.

Diego searching for Annet's snowballs

Diego searching for Annet’s snowballs.

Celine seems REALLY excited about posing with this dog

Celine thought that if she sunk deep down into the couch she would disappear. Wrong.

Two boys enjoying a crisp fall afternoon with their giant goose

Jeremy (left) and his brother. Two boys enjoying a crisp fall afternoon with their giant goose. Riiiight.

Taylor using Moka as a scarf, nice

Taylor wearing Moka as a scarf. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.