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ZippyPaws creates fun, colourful and whimsical dog products that your pooch will love. Toys come in a range of unique designs like avocados, llamas and even tequila. They place an emphasis on not only creating toys that are fun for your dog, but ones that will withstand endless playtime. Along with their dog toys, they also make practical dog products for adventures with your pooch including hammock seat covers, bowls and more. We had the pleasure of speaking with Jen, the ZippyPaws founder, about her inspiration for starting the company as well as the role that pets have played in her life and career. 

What passions, life events, or furry friends inspired you to start your company/organization/venture?

The idea for ZippyPaws was conceived in 2011 when I was just graduating from the University of Southern California as a business student. I was constantly looking for toys for my golden retriever, who LOVED plush toys. However, I was disappointed in the selection, quality, and high prices of dog toys on the market. I knew that with my background in design and unique vision I could create modern products that would resonate with the younger generation of pet parents.

Jen and her dog JJ

What does your work offer to pet owners? What are your goals for this venture? 

My main goal with ZippyPaws is to offer safe and fun products for the modern dog and dog owner. We do all of the testing so our customers don’t have to. We offer our customers a great selection of products that we stand by 100%. Ideally our customers trust ZippyPaws to launch products that are tested safe for their families.

What is your personal connection to pets, and what effect does this have on your work? 

Like most people, I’ve loved dogs from a very young age and I remember wishing for a dog of my own at every birthday, Christmas, Chinese New Year, literally any occasion! I’m sure my parents can attest that I probably asked for a dog every day ever since I could talk. My parents finally agreed to get me a pup when I was 13, and we became best friends immediately. My beloved JJ passed in 2016 but I think about him a little bit every day. I design all my toys with his fun and mischievous personality in mind, and I hope that dogs who play with ZippyPaws toys will have as much fun as JJ did. 

How is your work a benefit to pets and pet owners? (through work or through charitable giving)

ZippyPaws has a philanthropy line where each product is partnered with a charitable organization. We hand-picked these charities for their continued work in benefiting dogs and humans. One dollar of every toy sold will be donated to their corresponding organizations. Currently we have 3 toys to benefit 3 amazon organizations. More info can be found here:

Llama toy from ZippyPaws

How can pet owners get in contact with you/find out more about your work? 

We’re really active on social media, especially Instagram (@zippypaws). Follow us there to keep up to date on new product launches and company news! We also share tips, news, and behind the scenes on our company blog:

What advice can you offer to other entrepreneurs looking to get started in the pet industry?

One piece of advice I can offer is to stay authentic and true to your core beliefs. The pet industry is a wonderful industry to work in, filled with warm and generous people who are passionate about pets. I’ve always tried to stay authentic to myself since day 1, and I think the pet industry really responds to my love of dogs and dedication to making the best products.