Michael Vick Dogs: Sox and Hector

Sox and Hector

Sox and Hector both received
therapy dog certification, and spend
their days at hospitals, nursing
homes, and schools. Sox, who came
into rescue as one of
the worst of the
cases, has
improved dramatically
since being adopted by her
foster family. Hector, with scars over
his chest and legs bearing testament to
his past life, was adopted into a home with
a pack of six dogs, and has made many friends, canine and

Photos © Joshua Grenell; Rhoda Tucker/Superior Portrait Studios;

Michael Vick Dogs: Bonita


Bonita, who was used in the
dog-fighting ring as a bait dog
for others to practice on, came
into Best Friends rescue with
scars, worn or broken teeth, and
an instinct to flee from other dogs.
She also had babesia, a blood-borne
condition common in fighting dogs, and
nerve damage in half of her face, so when she smiled nervously,
it was crooked. She learned to crave warm laps to
sleep in, and found a little bit of peace there. In 2008, she
required dental surgery and never woke up from anesthesia.

Photo © Best Friends Animal Society

Michael Vick Dogs: Johnny Justice

Jonny Justice

Jonny Justice was adopted by a
foster family who discovered his
love of children, and he participated
in a program called
Paws for Tales, where dogs
provide a nonjudgmental
audience for children struggling
with reading. Jonny
excelled at it, until the librarian
banned Pit Bulls from the
program after receiving some
complaints from parents. Jonny and
his family resigned from the program in protest, and volunteers
from BAD RAP looked into state law, finding the breedbased
discrimination unlawful. When they brought this to the
librarian’s attention, however, the library withdrew from the
Paws for Tales program.

Photo © Amado Garcia

Michael Vick Dogs: Zippy


Zippy, a small, energetic dog,
has found peace and companionship
with the Hernandez
family, spending her days
romping and rolling around
the floor with two fellow
dogs and three young children
under the age of 10.

Photo © BadRap.org