Wet Nose boxes come with all-natural dog treats and chews, all natural pet care products, specialty items, and high-quality dog toys. Wet Nose boxes were developed from the desire to provide dogs with the highest quality products available. The owners of Wet Nose wanted to share dog treats and chews with dogs all over the world that were healthy and free from any artificial ingredients. The owners, Rebecca and Marcus, spent years of research in finding quality treats their boxer Levi could enjoy after a cancer and allergic condition diagnosis at only 5 years old.
While Levi is still fighting cancer today, he has been the inspiration to help so many other dogs out there receive quality treats, care products, and spread a little happiness with the toys we put in each of our boxes. We want to take the guess work out for other dog owners and provide the best quality products for your pet.
Wet Nose believes in an all natural approach to feeding dogs and each edible product in the box is grain free, corn free, soy free, and only contains natural ingredients made in the USA or Canada.

Our boxes also include durable dog toys, because you can’t forget about the fun, right?
Treat your dog to the highest quality, delicious dog treats, and chews, and never run out of all natural care products or new and exciting dog toys by ordering your wet nose box today.
If you pre-order your Decembers box, you’ll be considered one of our founders which comes with some pretty “pawesome” perks!

Pre-order your very first subscription box today, and you’ll receive a free founders gift in your first box when you sign up for a month to month subscription!
We promise you pup will love you for it!

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