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Tuesday, Feb 14th (Valentine’s Day), marks the
final day of this 136th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. In total
2076 dogs were entered with a total entry of 2106 in 185 different Breeds or
Varieties. Throughout the day the breeds that hadn’t competed the day before try
their luck in the ring for the chance to go on to compete for Best of Group.
Interestingly, all dogs that are in the ring either day must remain benched until 7pm that day giving Westminster spectators the opportunity of seeing the dogs up
close and personal.

The dogs that were judged the previous day that didn’t make
the cut are now out of the running; however, those that did win are back to
further compete in their Groups in an evening show that starts at 8pm. The winners in each of the seven groups then go on to compete for the prestigious Best in Show title which marks the grand finale wrap-up of the show. Many
spectators are dressed to the nines and the excitement and tension is palpable.

This fellow and his Pyrenean Shepherd wait for their turn in the ring.

A German shorthaired pointer and handler make a striking pair against the  black backdrop:

This sweet tempered Samoyed was a perfect photographic model:

This Komondor is ring-ready and raring to go:

Here’s a spectator sporting similar cords:

A Mastiff strikes a gallant pose:

The bigger the dogs the more laid back they seem. Here’s a Dogue de Bordeaux quietly awaiting his turn in the ring:

A Schnauzer is trimmed and groomed to exacting perfection:

Here’s dapper duo Ron Trotta with Schmitty the New York(ie) Weather Dog. Can Schmitty predict the Best In Show winner as well as he does the weather?

Following the Group judging, the winner from each group goes on to compete for Best in Show.

And here he is, 2012’s Best In Show winner: Malachy, the prize winning Pekingese!!

 Click here to watch the official video