We received a brief reprieve from the relentless rain on Sunday, so I decided to head out back to do some yardwork. During the cold winter months, Roxy took to peeing on my deck to avoid the treacherous snow drifts, and Cash tore up the lawn with his big paws during fits of the zoomies, so I deemed them mostly at fault for my damaged lawn and deck. This meant that they had to get off their butts to help me clean.

At first they both seemed willing and eager to help, scouring the grass and piles of fallen leaves for wayward bones and toys. Roxy was particularly helpful in pointing out the, ahem, "landmines" Cash scattered across the yard, while Cash curiously sniffed at the dirt mounds left by our resident backyard mole. That little lawn-wrecker better hope that Cash doesn’t find him, as he harbours a strong disdain for rodents.

In the end, Cash was more interested in what I was doing with the camera than helping me rake. To be fair, I was busy taking pictures instead of raking, so it looks like limited attention spans run in our family.

Speaking of limited attention spans…easter is coming! I love this holiday because it means a big delicious dinner courtesy of my grandma and easter baskets from my mom, and again, my grandma. (And no, I’m not too old for that). I’d like to arrange an easter egg hunt for the dogs, but can’t think of a safe way to do it. I could hide treats in those plastic colourful eggs they use for kids, but that seems like a recipe for disaster. Have any of you done easter egg hunts with your dogs? If so, how?