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We Love Our Mommies!

Celebrate Your Own Mama with These Mama and Puppy Pairings

By: Eleanor Munk

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Hello Mommies! It's Mother's Day this week, so we want to say thanks so much for all you do. The hard work of both human moms and doggy moms is so appreciated! Raising children and raising pups both require a lot of care and energy, so we hope you know that us kids and pups are grateful!

This week we also want to think of the dogs out there who are abused by being forced to be "breeding dogs" at puppy mills. To help out abused Mommy Dogs, make sure you avoid supporting puppy mills by doing your research and considering animal rescue first. Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Photos submitted by participants in our photocontest. – ERM


1) Luna and Daisy

Daisy, left, is one of Luna's eight pups! No wonder she wants some shut-eye! – Luna and Daisy submitted by Ralph A


2) Stevie Rae and Sadie

Sadie is the spit of proud mama Stevie Rae! – Stevie Rae and Sadie submitted by Tess V


3) Mamas Ramos

A tired but proud Mamas Ramos shows off her new litter of pups! – Mamas Ramos submitted by Jose R


4) Mom

Poor Mom has a fitting name because she had a rough life, with many litters of puppies taken from her as she was left to fend for herself. Now she is a happy lady with her own mom to take care of her! – Mom submitted by Jennifer


5) Peanut

Mommy Peanut lying in a pile of her puppies! – Peanut and Babies submitted by the Collins Family


6) Sunny and Levi

We're sensing a theme here with exhausted mommies! Tired Mama Sunny is catching up on rest but puppy Levi wants to play! – Sunny and Levi submitted by Lois H


7) Zelly

This photo is TOO precious!! Mama Zelly cuddles up with her only pup. – Zelly submitted by Deanne B


8) Zouza and Pooka

Zouza had a litter of six Shih-Tzu puppies, of which Pooka was the first! – Zouza and Pooka submitted by Georgia K


9) Lea

Mama Lea is at the centre of her family here, with Enyo, the father of her baby, and Marilynn, her pup! – Enyo, Lea, and Marilynn submitted by Michelle


10) Ace Junior

Ace Jr is a five day old Husky! Congratulations to the new mama! – Ace Junior submitted by Charlotte



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By: Eleanor Munk
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