Quality, reliability and accuracy revolutionize the pet location industry

Two sisters who thought they could build a better mousetrap have. It’s called a Gibi, and it’s now available online at Walmart and Amazon.

The device and its GPS-based app allow pet parents to set safe zones for their dogs and cats, then the app alerts the human, by email or text, if the animal leaves the zone. It also lets owners track their pets using Google Maps, so they can find them before anything bad happens.

Gibi one-ups the competition, Gibi Technologies founder Synette Tom says, because its sleek low-profile shape fits most collars and harnesses, it is durable and waterproof, and the app is easy to set up and use. “We wanted it to stand up to dogs that play rough as well as water activities,” she says.

The Gibi system includes the device, which weighs the same as six to seven quarters; a collar clip for attaching the device to your pet’s collar; a charger; a USB power adapter; and the application for setting safe zones and tracking your pet.

“It’s so exciting that pet parents can now buy a Gibi, put it on their dog and relax, knowing that their dog is safe,” Tom says.

More about Gibi Technologies Inc.: http://getgibi.com

About Gibi Technologies, Inc.
Gibi Technologies was founded in 2010 by pet-loving sisters Synette Tom and Sheree Loui. Gibi was developed based on Synette’s experience as an electrical and electronics engineer and director of business development in the satellite telecommunications industry, and Sheree’s experience as a service-dog trainer. Gibi is a Delaware corporation with primary offices in Menlo Park, California.