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Want more cute dogs in your Instagram feed? Always! Follow @graciethelabrador for sunny, funny, beautiful shots of lovable Lab Gracie along with her Golden Retriever cohort, Monty, out and about and just generally loving life.

Chelsea Tyrer, an Ontario-based photographer, started posting photos to Instagram in summer 2013 with the intention of simply sharing photos of her dogs just “being themselves.” But once she started giving some love and attention to what she was posting, the number of "likes" and followers took off.

“I didn't start gaining followers until I started posting high quality images, which got me featured by big pages and then the followers just kept coming!” Chelsea shares. Her lovely dog photos now brighten the days of more than 66,000 people.

Seeing as we love dogs (you knew that, right?) and spend more time than we care to admit scrolling through our Instagram feed (read: obsessed), we decided to ask Chelsea a few questions about her dogs, her account, and why she thinks you might want to start sharing photos of your own dogs through the platform. At the very least, we think you’ll definitely want to follow @graciethelabrador for photos of Gracie, Chelsea’s four-year-old Labrador Retriever (“she's extremely loving, loyal, and smart”) and Monty, her seven-month-old Golden Retriever, who's “full of spunk, extremely goofy and so eager to learn.”

Q: What is that you think people love about your account?
Seeing the love I have for my animals and being able to follow their adventures!

Q:  What kind of photos are the most popular?
Anything outdoor with pretty light or anything goofy.

Q: What inspires you?
I'm always browsing through the galleries of professional dog photographers for inspiration, but I find most of my inspiration comes from being outdoors exploring.

Q: Describe your aesthetic in three words.
Natural, light, beautiful

Q: Any advice for people wanting to start their own Instagram account starring their dogs?
Just do it! You never know what could come of it. Whether you’re posting photos of your furry family for people to enjoy or you use your account to help others, it's a great community where you can make so many friends!

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