Our Canadian company began producing and selling bear and dog repellents with a purpose to protect people and save lives from aggressive animal encounters in wilderness and urban locations. 

Our first brand of dog repellent; named Bodyguard™, was introduced in 1992 offering protection for people when confronted by an unruly dog.  This pepper based dog repellent was designed to be sprayed outdoors, at a dog attempting to bite or attack people and their pets.

The original dog repellent came in a small aerosol can that could fit in one hand, and fanned outwards in a cone shape when sprayed. This allowed it to be held and used easily without good aim.  Over the years, new dog repellent products and brands were developed, each time offering stronger formulations and varying features to provide greater protection, without harmful effects. 

Today’s Bodyguard™ dog repellent offers a stream spray pattern, which works better in varying temperatures in Canada, and is safer to use on windy days. It is designed for use outdoors, primarily in urban areas and on city trails to protect you and your loved ones while walking, visiting dog parks, running on trails, and cycling in the city.

Our products are non- toxic and non-lethal, and when sprayed at the aggressive dog’s eyes and nose will cause a burning sensation to help you get away safely. It is compact and lightweight, and can be held in your hand or easily attached to leashes, running belts and bags. The product is recyclable and is for use by adults only. Bodyguard™ is not to be used for discipline. 

Walk with Comfort. Walk with Confidence. Bodyguard™ dog repellent has your back.