Vital Planet

Vital Planet, believes your pet deserves only the highest quality supplementation available. Their commitment is to utilize the most nourishing ingredients found in nature and to manufacture them under the most rigorous quality standards in the industry.

Vital Planet’s species-specific probiotics Flora Dog and Flora Cat both contain 20 BILLION live cultures per serving. These products are formulated with 10 unique strains including the two most heavily studied strains in dogs and cats, which are Enterococcus Faecium and Bifidobacterium Animalis.

Just like us, our pets need probiotics every day. Nearly 75% of an animal’s immune defenses are located in the digestive tract. Having the proper balance of intestinal bacteria is an essential part of achieving and maintaining overall health. When they don’t have enough probiotics in their digestive tract, they can begin to develop symptoms. These symptoms can eventually lead to more serious health conditions. Many conditions that can be directly linked to imbalance of gut bacteria, are the very reasons pets end up in a vet’s clinic.

In addition to a full line of high potency probiotics, Vital Planet has developed an array of daily maintenance formulas as well as condition-specific natural solutions for the many issues our pets struggle with every day.

Supplements include, Alaskan Omega-3 from only wild caught, sustainably harvested fish; Vital Dog multivitamin; Living Meal, which brings food to life with probiotics, enzymes and superfoods; and Daily Detox to promote liver health and support detoxification.

Remedy formulas are: Hip & Joint, a complete, therapeutic supplement; Skin & Coat, a formulation that deals with allergies as well as providing relief for the inflammation; Calm, to promote relaxation; and Sensitive Stomach, a combination of probiotics, enzymes and fiber to promote proper digestion and bowel health.