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Spring is here, and we know you and the pup are itching to get out of the house to do some adventuring! But is your vehicle’s trunk up to par for traveling with pets, especially muddy ones?


Travall offers vehicle-specific pet travel accessories including dog barriers, trunk dividers, bumper protectors, and heavy-duty trunk liners. Each of the products is designed to protect your vehicle's interior and part of the exterior from any damage our furry friends can inflict.


The vehicle-specific formula from Travall is what sets its products apart from other universal ‘one size fits all’ dog guards, barriers, and even car mats. With a vehicle-specific formula, you won’t have to worry about pups squeezing through gaps between your car and the barrier, or dog hair getting into every crevice of your vehicle. Since it’s been a long Winter and Spring is finally here, make sure your vehicle is ready with Travall products so you and the pup can take on the fun, sun, and the mud!


Travall Guard – Reduces driving distractions by keeping your dog in a secured spot in the back of your car behind the rear seats, making sure any mess is contained in one spot. Plus, it allows you to focus on the road with two hands on the wheel, instead of worrying about Fido leaping into your lap.


Travall guard


Travall Divider – Separates your trunk into 2 compartments. Headed out for a picnic? The divider will act as a barrier to prevent noses sticking where they shouldn’t go during the journey! Or maybe you’re traveling with two dogs, by installing the Divider, you’ll be sure they each have their own space! PS – the Travall Divider works exclusively with the Travall Guard.

Travall liner


Travall Liner – Who has the heart to pull a happy dog away from playing in the mud? The Travall liner keeps human and pup happy. It is shaped exactly to the grooves of your trunk giving you complete coverage with a raised outer lip to trap all messes. Cleaning is simple – effortlessly take out the Liner and give it a good shake or quick hose down before you pop it right back in. Maybe muddy paws are not so bad after all!


Travall bumper protector



Travall Bumper Protector – We all have the quick moment of panic when your dog is jumping into the back of your car. Sometimes you’re greeted with that terrible nails-on-chalkboard sound, meaning only one thing – damage to your bumper’s paint job! The Travall Protector is a dog owner’s best friend. Made from plastic or stainless steel, the tough surface helps to prevent any future damage to your bumper and covers up existing scuffs and scratches.



Travall supplies vehicle-specific products for almost a 1,000 different models and counting. Don’t miss out on spring fun, find out more information on the products supplied for your car at