Until poop fairies are real, use a Poo Vault to carry all of your full dog poop bags without the annoying odor, and hands free!

No matter how nice your outfit or how much people love you, when you have a big smelly turd bag in your hand, people want you to figure it out. Since there is no joy in carrying a warm squishy load, put it in a hard sided Poo Vault that holds in the smell, texture and otherwise unfortunate event that comes with dog ownership. Once locked up, enjoy your life, because the suffering is on hold. You will be good until you find a convenient trash. Wahoo.

Carrying a full dog poop bag doesn’t have to be inconvenient or unpleasant anymore. The Poo Vault is hard sided with a seal and clasp designed to hold in all offensive odors. The belt clip and carabiner provide ways to attach the Poo Vault to your pants, belt, leash, pack or purse.

Pick up the dog poop in a plastic dog poo bag, place it in the Poo Vault, and then clasp it closed. You’re done until you get to a trash receptacle where you can throw out the contents. Repeat.

How did the Poo Vault come about?

The motivation for the creation of the Poo Vault came from walking around neighborhoods with my dog, where he would empty out but there were no trashcans to be seen (available). All were either inside garages or behind fences, providing no other option than to carry around a smelly bag. Annoying.

To stop your suffering while carrying dog poop bags, please visit and contribute to the Poo Vault Kickstarter campaign at http://kck.st/29UuTPu .