I’m maintaining my goal of riding to work at least three days a week and can already feel the benefits of that regular exercise (Penny gets to relax in her Sleepypod carrier while I do the work getting us there… see previous cycling blog). I’m loathe to get out of my cycling-to-work regimen as I’m afraid that once I do, I’ll find the same old excuses not to get back out there on my bike. My problem is that for the next two weeks I’ve got not only Penny to convey to and from work, but as well, I’ve also got Esther, the editor’s dog. As only one of the dogs will fit in the Sleepypod carrier I felt that I had no option but to drive my car for the next couple weeks. That’s when I remembered that the folks at Croozer Dog Trailers had sent me a trailer to try out. I brought the trailer into my neighborhood bike shop and in a short time they had it all hooked up for me. Being pint-sized pooches (Penny and Esther are Miniature Dachshunds) they both fit  comfortably inside with enough room to stretch out (Croozer also manufactures trailers for larger dogs, too). My canine buds appeared to have no qualms whatsoever about jumping into the trailer for their free ride, and I get an even better workout pulling along two dogs rather than one.  

Penny and Esther out for a ride in their Croozer dog trailer


Sleepypod carrier on the front and Croozer dog trailer on the back!