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At Trupanion we are extremely concerned for the well-being and health of our four legged companions. As a pet-passionate community, we are committed to not only providing a way for pet owners to get the best veterinary care possible for the pets they love, but also do our part to ensure less fortunate pets across the continent get the help they need.

Trupanion policyholders and our Shelter Support Program have donated over $138,000 to non-profit animal welfare organizations across the United States and Canada.

Every month, thousands of Trupanion policyholders choose to add a $1.00 donation to their monthly payment that goes to animal welfare organizations that include the American Humane Association, British Columbia SPCA, The Farley Foundation, National Canine Cancer Foundation, National Mill Dog Rescue, Hope for Wildlife, Seeing Eye Inc., and Noah’s Wish.

Through Trupanion’s Shelter Support Program, the company donated over $45,000 to non-profit animal shelters across the nation in 2013.

For those interested in helping the shelters alongside the Trupanion community, you can add a $1.00 donation to your monthly payment through Trupanion, adopt from shelters supported by Trupanion’s Shelter Support Program, or volunteer at your local shelter. For more information on TruGiving, visit