true leaf

In a letter sent today to the Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Secretariat, True Leaf, a BC-based medical marijuana company, makes four recommendations on the future production and distribution of legalized marijuana in Canada.

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould has established a task force to advise the Canadian government on how best to move forward with its plan to legalize marijuana.

Chaired by Anne McLellan, former deputy prime minister and health and justice minister, the task force is seeking public input and will advise the government on the design of the legislation and the regulatory framework for a new system of marijuana sales and distribution.

True Leaf Medicine International Ltd. is one of 400-plus companies in the process of applying for a licence to produce and distribute medical marijuana under the previous government’s Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) program. The new plan to legalize marijuana will replace the MMPR process.

True Leaf Chair Michael Harcourt, the former Premier of British Columbia, has written a letter to the task force outlining the company’s vision for a new plan, calling for both recreational and medical marijuana to be produced and distributed via the same system.

Mr. Harcourt’s case and supporting points are contained in the letter, which is included in this message.