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True Hemp™ Sticks and True Hemp™ Oil formats unveiled at SuperZoo® trade show in Las Vegas; to join other True Hemp products later in 2016.

The innovative True Hemp™ soft chews for pets that are generating a buzz in the pet food industry will soon be joined by two new companion products that will give consumers new ways to deliver the benefits of hemp to their pets.

True Leaf Pet, the producer of True Hemp™ soft chews, chose the SuperZoo mega pet show in Las Vegas last week to launch True Hemp™ ‘Sticks’  and True Hemp™ ‘Oil’, adding to its popular hemp-based functional product line.

Says True Leaf Pet CEO Darcy Bomford, “The entire product line will offer the powerful True Hemp™ Hip + Joint, Calming and Health formulations in the same ratio for all three delivery formats: chews, sticks and oil.”

Hemp is the main functional ingredient in each product, which provides a source of Omega 3, 6, 9 and also GLA – a substance known to support the body’s response to inflammation.  Other active ingredients are added to support the functionality of the hemp in each formula, including innovative ingredients like green lipped mussel from New Zealand, DHA from algae and an amino acid from green tea for a calming effect. 

True Hemp™ ‘Sticks’ contain the same levels of hemp and other active ingredients as True Hemp™ Chews. They are grain-free with salmon for added omega 3s and are formed into a rigid ‘stick’ shape that is popular with consumers.

True Hemp™ ‘Oil’ is an innovative blend of hemp, coconut and salmon oil that can be added directly onto a pet’s daily food. Through a patented process, the active ingredients are suspended in the oil blend to achieve the same ratio of active ingredients per measure as a True Hemp™ chew.  The unique formulation provides beneficial omega 3 from both plant and ocean sources, plus MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) from liquid coconut oil.

“We now have a full range of products that provide support for joint function, calming and overall good health in a variety of formats,” said Mr. Bomford. “Soft chews for picky or older dogs that are easy to chew and digest, hard sticks for more active dogs in a popular ‘dental stick’ style format, an oil blend with all of our active ingredients, plus healthy coconut and salmon oils. Additional product formats not only increase our retail shelf presence and order sizes, but also appeals to a wider consumer audience which ultimately strengthens our brand,” explained Mr. Bomford.

Independent retailers attending SuperZoo underscored that analysis, responding enthusiastically to the extensions to the True Hemp™ product line.

According to Mr. Bomford, True Hemp™ Sticks and Oil will be available throughout North America later this year via True Pet’s established distribution channels to the specialty pet marketplace.

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