I can’t speak for all dogs, but I can definitively say that Roxy and Cash both have "types". They each are suckers for a certain kind of toy that sends them over the moon when they see/hear it. For Roxy, it’s balls, especially ones that squeak. My personal fav is from JW Pet – it’s durable enough that if Cash gets a hold of it I have time to repossess it before all hope is lost. It’s also slightly larger than a tennis ball which makes it less likely to disappear for eons underneath the sofa (Roxy’s own personal nightmare).

Cash’s favourite is by far the stuffed animal. Watching him systematically pull the inards from some poor unsuspecting teddy should be disturbing, but instead I find it charming. My favourite option for this mega destroyer is a Tuffy Toy – Cash has had both a pig and a triceratops and surprisingly still shows interest once its contents have been strewn throughout our yard.

The one other toy that has captured my dogs’ attention (and kept it) is a combination of both a stuffie and a squeaky which I’ve found with the Invincible snake toys from Kyjen. A stuffed toy (sans the stuffing) filled with numerous squeakers which take a lickin and keep on squeakin. I know this is hard to believe, but much to Jeremy’s dismay, the squeakers in the snakes continue to make noise even after they’re punctured. So suffice it to say, they are taken away at night, much to Roxy and Cash’s dismay.

As for Chance, his favourite toy has yet to be discovered. However, I am forced to smile each time I find him curled up in his bed with a pair of Jeremy’s socks.