Don't you wish you had one leash that would satisfy all of your pet walking needs?

Don't you wish you had one leash to walk all of your pets and did a variety of other things? The TooferMe™ leashes are multifunctional leads revolutionizing the world of pet owners and pet walkers. TooferMe™ is a 10-foot, nylon leash with a snap hook on each side. TooferMe™ can be used as a collar, harness, training collar, a splitter for multiple dogs, dog seat belt, hassle free tether, walk your pet or pets hands free, a no pull leash, a leash for all pet sizes, and so much more. This two-strip nylon leash has loopholes, which allow for you to hold or fasten interchangeably every 6 inches. No more tangled leashes! Your pet won't have to worry about untangling. The days of purchasing several leashes, collars, and harnesses for multiple pets are OVER. Alexandro Gracia, the founder of TooferMe™ was inspired to create the innovative TooferOne™ leash after walking two of his dogs to the park but only remembered to bring one leash. Alexandro has five dogs and has always been placed with the burden of purchasing individual leashes or choosing between which dogs to walk, but not ANYMORE! Change the way you, or a friend, are active with pets. Buy a TooferMe leash at