clementine the young Schnauzer Mix dog

Kiss Me, Clementine

Clementine, our young Schnauzer mix, was on her first visit as a therapy dog. In Assisted Living, she sat happily in the lap of a lady who stroked her and said, “Clementine, give me a kiss!” She asked repeatedly, and I was about to say that Clementine was not a dog who licked. Before I could speak, Clementine leaned in and gently licked the lady’s cheek several times. It was the first time—but certainly not the last—when I saw my pup transform herself into a therapist. “I love you, Clementine!” the lady said. Me too.—Janice Baldwin-Hench


Adopted dog from Sula Society in Mexico

Birthday Miracle

I lost my dog over the pandemic and sought out a new co-pilot when I was ready. I looked for months, encountering many applying for the same pets. Further out wouldn’t transport. I kept checking online, while I battled an arthritis flare-up. A friend said try Mexico, The Sula Society. The day before my birthday, I saw a small, cute, scruffy dog posted. I applied, thinking it would be eons. The next day, on my 50th, I got the call: I was chosen. Happy tears. The day before her flight, she escaped the flight angel! Weeks later re-rescued. A miracle.—Rebecca Lyons


Dog sleeping
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I am the old dog at your feet with graying hair and missing teeth. Like a well-worn shoe, I now wobble a bit. “There is solace in sleep,” the cat told me years ago. I didn’t believe her then because I was told not to trust felines, but now I understand. As I snore at your feet, I dream of times when we could both run in the park. Are my feet moving? Thank you for giving me those times because now, like a bone buried, I can savour the memory.—Joseph A. Dewan


Teddy Bear and Leila the dogs

I’ll See You in My Dreams

Our little Leia and I were trying to nap. I could tell she was already in dreamland by her breathing. Suddenly, she started wagging her tail. Who did she see? When Leia was eleven months old, we brought home Teddy Bear. Immediately he became the puppy she would never have. From that first day until his last day in this life, she washed his eyes clean. He died ten months ago. There are times she stands waiting for him to appear. But he never does. He never will. I take solace that he comes to her in her dreams.—Cheryl M. Taylor


Wally T the dog

Wally T.

It’s been 10 years since Wally crossed the bridge, and I still haven’t remembered why he was named Walter T. He was named for a brother of a friend, but the T.? He was also known as Wally The Dog, The Silver Bullet, The Great Grey Hunter of the Northern Woods, Wallinator, The Walrus, or “the dog wearing the purple bear bell” to say where he is. His true identity was Alpha. We hope there’s a green wingback chair to sleep on when he’s not chasing rabbits and big horned sheep. Maybe he’ll catch one this time.—Susan Petrick


Maxine the dog

The Best Two Dollars Ever Spent

In 1988, I paid two dollars to a drug dealer for a mutt named Maxine. I struggled to pay bills. How could I afford a dog? Maxine chewed shoes, toothpaste, a Rubik’s cube, and books. When I opened the door to destruction, those sparkling eyes won me over. We shared a special bond. In January 1994, a car struck me. Friends cared for Maxine during my absence. Maxine helped me shift my angry attitude and realize life had a purpose. Maxine died in February 2001. She holds a tender place in my heart. That was the best two dollars I ever spent.—Debra White


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