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Tiny Dog Stories—Fall 2022

Dog love in short form: miniature, reader-submitted dog stories of no more than 100 words.

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My Dream Samoyed

At seven years old, I fell in love with a friend’s Samoyed dog, and I made it my life mission to one day have my own. First, I had to achieve three big goals: complete a journalism degree, get a job as a newspaper reporter, and buy a house in the country with lots of land. It took me 21 years. I loved my girl Jesse before I even laid eyes on her. She represented all my hard work and accomplishments. For almost 13 years we shared an incredible bond, and my tattoo keeps her memory alive.
—Steph Dancey


All About Love

My name is Leo. I came into my mom’s life during difficult times, which were leading to more difficult times. I provide comic relief and some home destruction for good measure. My best friends are my older dog brother, Sherman, and a cat named Wilky who believes himself to also be a dog. I’m 100 percent on all the time. Did you say outside? Treat? Walk? I’m in! However, my most important job is to make sure Mom is happy. She tells me I do a great job. People sometimes hurt people, but us dogs, we are all about love.—Angi Bettag

River Life as Told by My Dog Annie

Summer days just rolling on by like the flow of the river and time. Just to be here. What one sees when one takes the time to look and feel. The breeze blows gently, rocks the leaves to and fro as they cast a shadow on the lazy river. Love the simple life, the gentle breeze, the grass growing and blowing on the mountainside. A picture-perfect summer day. Soul yearns and gravitates toward this peaceful flow of the river. Who could not love the riverside with all of its peacefulness and glory?—Monica Satterfield

Forever By My Side

I knew she was my dog when I first laid eyes on her at the rescue. The terrified Border Collie mix came with anxiety, OCD, leash reactivity, blanket sucking disorder, and signs of abuse. I put her bed next to mine. The third night of the second week brought a fierce thunderstorm. She came to me on the side of the bed shaking. I pulled her up beside me. She has been there ever since. I lost her last August, but sometimes there is no mistaking it: I can feel her warm, solid, body pressed up against me.—Margo Bowblis

Duke the Hero

When Ruth died suddenly, grieving widower Dave complained. Duke was her dog, not his. But man and Schnauzer eventually bonded. Three years later, Dave suffered a heart attack. He fell to the floor, semi-conscious, helpless, nose bleeding. Duke responded intuitively. He dragged his quilted dog blanket to cover Dave, then huddled at his side. A neighbour discovered them together the next day. Recovering, Dave told staff and hospital visitors that Duke was his hero: “I survived because I wasn’t alone.” When Dave passed, we adopted heroic Duke and loved him for seven years until he joined Ruth and Dave.—Jeannie Gree

My Boy Jack

In 2011, I got a puppy so stinky we had to drive with the windows down. He was a fluffy black speck with lively brown eyes, and that day, he became my Jack. If he wanted my attention, he’d find something to back up to and kick until my eyes met his. He ran, jumped, and showed me true love.  I held him in my arms every day for ten years, and one last time as he crossed the rainbow bridge. My boy is still with me. He gives me puppy kisses and runs forever in my heart.—Tania Alvarez

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