I met up with little girl rescuer Calli Vanderaa this week in Winnipeg, and we had a fine time.

First we stopped off to see Marj Jamieson, who showed us around her secret garden built for creature comfort.

You might remember Marj from my earlier post Library in the sky is a lookout post for animals.

Marj has a backyard that’s been built as an animal paradise. Bird feeders swing in every direction to avoid driving snow. A pink hose is positioned to spray a fine mist for hummingbirds craving a shower. Birds are treated to a heated bath. And caches of food — raisins, peanuts, and seed — are stashed everywhere. Squirrels, birds, raccoons, and rabbits take part in Marj and Wilma’s buffet.

Calli was fascinated by Marj, and Marj was energized by Calli. It was pure brilliance to watch.



Marj, Calli and Wilma feed and water the animals that come to visit.



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