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This is What Happens When You Put Two Pit Bulls in a Photobooth

Everyone wants to kiss in a photobooth!

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Photographer Lynn Terry swears this image isn't photoshopped. She just managed to catch the perfect moment between Pit Bulls Bumper and Willis in this photo booth shoot, one that illustrates how lovey this underdog breed can be.

Both dogs had come from less than ideal backgrounds; Bumper was found with a man trying to fight him–Bumper refused to engage–and Willis' mother was pregnant with his litter when the dog fighting ring she was a part of was broken up in 2009. Luckily, fate had smiled upon both these dogs and they not only found a loving home but were chosen as models for this fun photoshoot. Photographer Terry has an affinity for the breed and enjoys showing, as evidenced by this photo, how truly forgiving, loving, and silly they can be. 

via Huffington Post

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