We started this company to protect your pet, and it continues to be at the heartbeat of everything we do. That’s why the G1™ Fan Kit has been a priority – and in the making for more than a year.

Many of the activities that we all love to do during these hot summer months include…. Well, heat. And that presents a problem – especially for highly active dogs. We’ve been working, like always, to solve problems and find better ways to protect your dog.


G1™ Fan Kit

Our new high-powered fan was engineered to help keep your dog cool while the kennel remains stationary, and operates on a rechargeable battery thatlasts up to 6 hours on one charge. We designed this product in similar fashion to our G1™ series: rugged craftsmanship that’s high-quality, durable and incorporates features for your convenience – like the all stainless-steel mounting hardware and custom cam levers that make it easy to safely secure it to the crate. 

Plus this thing is weatherproof, able to work in adverse conditions while being utilized in the bed of your truck. And although we never recommend leaving your dog unattended for long periods of time, we can say our G1™ Fan Kit will significantly improve ventilation (especially when stationary) for your four-legged friend.

Your dog works hard for you – this fan works hard for your dog.