Young, energetic enterprise looking for loving home in which to fully blossom.

As seen in the LA Times, on Entertainment Tonight, and in "O" Magazine's "Live your best life" weekend gift bags, TheFleasKnees tees are ridiculously hot-looking, 100% cotton, ass-kickingly awesome tees made – and worn – in support of responsible pet ownership. And in support of being ridiculously hot-looking. You are an entrepreneur and – most importantly – an animal lover who, quite simply, wishes you could “do more” for animal welfare, at the same time as run a potentially lucrative brand that is teeming with potential.

TheFleasKnees was founded in Vancouver mid-way through 2007 by Mary-Jo Dionne, in an effort to “do more” after an incident with a horribly neglected dog on Maui left Mary-Jo haunted. Because $5 from every $42 tee sold was funnelled directly to animal welfare organizations via a pot called “TheFleasKneesFund”, the brand allowed Mary-Jo the resources to take swifter action on a larger scale and truly respond when needed. Since its launch at The Playboy Mansion, more than $20,000 in combined funds from tee sales and supplies from the annual Wine and Fleas collection drive has been donated to a plethora of local, national, and international animal rescue and wellness organizations.

Two years ago, after the final 1,700 TheFleasKnees tee shirts in stock were sold out Mary-Jo had a human baby. As she navigated this new road called “Human Motherhood”, she pushed pause (okay, we’ll say it: “paws”) on TheFleasKnees inventory production, with every intention of re-launching the next line with a splash once she got her footing (aka: mastered the sleepless nights). Suddenly, however, where she was once a child “tolerator”, she was now a child “freak” – wanting to do all she could to help in the quest to end Childhood Poverty and Childhood Illnesses. To that end, Mary-Jo let TheFleasKnees lie dormant for longer than anticipated. So, she had to have a hard conversation with herself. And while she still fully believe in this brand, Mary-Jo knows that she is not the best person to re-infuse it with the vitality it so deserves. She believes that, in the right hands, TheFleasKnees tees could positively (sorry, it has to be said: pawsitively) flourish with one big spectacular brand re-launch.

With the adoption, Mary-Jo will pass over:

  • Brand logo and five tee designs, all-set and ready to go;
  • Full US and Canadian trademark of this much-loved brand name: TheFleasKnees;
  • Canadian trademark of the tagline: One Giant Leap for Dogkind;
  • Suggested ready-made processes and a community of possible designers, manufacturers, and suppliers (although you’re under no obligation to use my suggestions);
  • Web designs and three URLs;
  • Miscellaneous collateral including print-ready full page and 1⁄4 page magazine ads, Thank You cards, Puppy Mills Bite post cards and stickers, retailer catalogue and retailer order sheet;
  • Media clippings for your own brand archive.

Contact: Mary-Jo Dionne for the full Sales Kit at