When entrepreneur and golf enthusiast Eben Dobson created the world’s first golf course broom, it was just the start of what would become an entire line of innovative cleaning tools, revolutionizing the way people clean. What began as a cleaning device for gently removing debris off the golf green became a sensation that has, literally, swept the nation.

WISP Industries’ patented, best-selling product, the WISPsystem, is a smartly designed broom, dustpan and hanger combination that uses science and engineering to clean like nothing else. The one-handed, lightweight broom features short, dense electro-static bristles that attract dust, debris, and pet hair from both smooth floors and carpet. The foot-operated WISPpan – the first of its kind – creates a floor-to-pan seal when gentle foot pressure is applied. The system has shown itself to be a lifesaver for energetic young millennials, harried stay-at-home-moms with young children, folks who have difficulty bending down or grasping a traditional broom handle, and everyone in-between.

And then WISP Industries did it again, with the patented, hand-held miniWISP!

The news is particularly good for pet owners. The same proprietary Bristle Seal® Technology that locks in debris on floors has proven to be a game-changer for cleaning pet fur off upholstery. Dragging the short, dense bristles across furniture quickly builds static electricity, drawing hair and pet dander toward the brush. Even fur that has worked its way deep into fabric doesn’t stand a chance. It’s the kind of clean you just can’t achieve with a lint brush or a vacuum. It’s especially handy for on-the-go clean-up and tidying cars, boats, campers and RVs.