The Cambridge Carrier

Tired of borrowing your
sister’s leopard print carrier
when you want to take your
canine colleague to the office?
The Cambridge carrier was
designed with the GQ gent in
mind. Suave and functional, it
also doubles as a laptop bag.

Key Ring Alerts

Fetch your keys. Cute
AND useful, this dogshaped
key ring alerts
you to where your keys
are hiding. Just whistle
to set off a beeper that
will guide you to them
so you don’t spend
walk time searching
pockets and couch
cushions for where
you left your keys. $8,

Reflective Vest

I spy with my little eye… a dog! A bright
orange vest with reflective piping will
keep your dog clearly visible to motorists
and passersby both day and night.
From $24,

Physics For Dogs

While we were enthralled by the section on “pooping strategically—
indoors and out—by understanding variable-mass
systems,” there are many more algorithms to teach your dog in
Physics for Dogs: A Crash Course in Catching Cats, Frisbees, and
Cars. If your old dog can’t be taught new tricks, it will at least
make for some interesting reading. $13,

Genetic DNA Portrait

Not since Lite-Brite have
science and art coalesced to
create something so wonderful!
The lab whizzes at
Signature DNA use a swab of
your dog’s saliva to create a
unique genetic portrait that
combines an actual image of
Rover’s DNA with your favourite
photo on canvas. From

Eyenimal Digital Pet VideoCam

Get a dog’s-eye view of the world with
the Eyenimal Digital Pet VideoCam.
Small and water-resistant, it hooks onto
the collar of any size dog or cat, and
the 8GB built-in memory captures up to
2-and-a-half hours of footage. Perfect
for aspiring canine auteurs, finally
settling the question of what your dog
gets up to while you’re at work, or for
weaving weird footage into that art film
you’re making. $129,

Lightwalker Belt

Nighttime walks just got a whole lot safer,
easier, and more fun. Worn around the
waist, the Lightwalker Belt, with its energy
efficient LED bulb rated for up to 50,000
hours of rain-resistant use, keeps your
hands free and the terrain and your dog illuminated.

Gimme Gummy Bear

Satisfy your dog’s sweet
tooth with the cute Gimme
Gummy Bear. Its oven-safe
exterior allows you to bake
treats right in the bear’s
tummy. Yummy! It’s also
dishwasher-safe, comes in
assorted sizes, and is made
from food-grade silicone.
Sweet, indeed. From $6,