Squeaking Raccoon Toy

Add extra crunch-power to the two
squeakers already contained within
by placing your empty plastic
water bottle in the Velcro-closure
“tummy” of this plush raccoon.
Hours of fun! $11, eco-dogs.com

Custom Pet Portrait Cuff Links

For the dapper gentleman.
Accessorize with
custom, hand-painted
pet portrait cuff links
by Sarah-Lambert
Cook and wear your
heart on your sleeve.
$42, etsy.com/shop/tuckooandmoocow

Hotel Morrison Gallery 10 Piece Mini-Card Set

Impress your entire circle in one shot: the hipster, the
rocker, the artist, the fashion fiend, the philanthropist… This
10 piece mini-card set features photographs of John Lennon,
Brigitte Bardot, Billie Holiday, David Bowie, Bob Dylan,
Robert Plant, The Beatles, Patti Smith, Neil Young, and Nelly,
all with animals and shot in black and white by legendary
Hotel Morrison Gallery photographers. All proceeds from
this gift set go to non-profit organization Rational Animal.
Very cool indeed. $20, morrisonhotelgallery.com

Vintage-Style Embossed Leather Collars

Distinguished dogs Gift Guide
will roll over to wear
Bone and Rag’s handstitched
embossed leather collars,
available in black,
brown, and tan for dogs
both small and large.
From $70, boneandrag.com

Cohibark Doggie Cigars Treats

For the joker/cigar
New Year’s gathering…
heck, just about
any time. Hand out
“Cohibarks” to your
peanut butter-addicted
canines. Individually
wrapped and made with
organic ingredients,
they’re sure to be a hit.
$3, saltypaws.com

Metal Mustache ID Tag

For hipsters and moustache
enthusiasts alike, Hattie
Rex’s mustache ID tag is
just the thing. Cut from copper,
brass, or aluminum,
it’s size-appropriate for all
breeds and hand-stamped
with pertinent details. $15,